highly specialised

Kinetigra Medias is a highly-specialised media & marketing agency catering to the growing needs of the client and their marketing activities. At a time when viewers consume 2.5 times more video content on the internet, we act as magic wand behind every advertisement that goes out there to entertain, educate and engage with consumers.

world of advertising

We create ads for all kinds of mediums including traditional media, new media, digital media along with film and television industries. Every day, our team pushes the envelope of creative thinking to help brands create a new masterpiece in the world of advertising.

Content Creation

Content Creation - Ideation + Production + Post Production like TVCs, Animation films, AVs etc.

Content Localisation

Content Localisation (Trans Creation, Versioning, Dubbing, Edits) – edits in various durations, dubbing in over 20 languages